Hello 2018!

Hello, 2018! Goodbye, 2017! Six days into the New Year I did some reflecting on what a year 2017 was for me. I learned some valuable lessons that I am so grateful for and wouldn’t change them for the world. One of the lessons I learned is that there is always a solution to a problem, so never sweat the small stuff. Earlier in the year, I was laid off and on unemployment not knowing how I was going to pay my rent or eat. Those few months had to be the lowest point for me.  As much as I tried to keep a smile on my face I was broken on the inside and even through all of that I was still determined to find employment. Once I kept that my focus I landed a temp job that soon became a permanent job for me. I was bum because I had to make a choice, stay with this job or go to beauty school. Each choice had its pros and cons but at the end, I decided to stay with this job and be grateful for this blessing and just because I can’t go to beauty school right now do not mean I can’t still do makeup until the right opportunity comes along.

Another valuable lesson I learned in 2017 was learning how to pick my battles. I got into some trouble with the law and ended up getting arrested. The crazy part of the whole story was that I was being charged for something I did not do but because I was at the scene I got dragged into it. I don’t regret it one bit because it taught me how to avoid situations and how to control my temper. That moment of being in the back of a cop car handcuffed going to central bookings really made me think about the situation and how disappointed I was in myself.

So now I am taking those valuable lessons with me into 2018 and I am sure I will learn more lessons this year that I will be grateful for.

I decided to go down memory lane and shared with you guys my 2017. It was full of ups and downs that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I don’t know why I love this video so much but this pretty much shows a glimpse of how I am in the Club. This was at Level 3. Let me just tell you this, I left the club scene back in 2014 but I do step out to a club here and there for a birthday party. This night it wasn’t no one’s birthday. Just a random night to step out and twerk.

2017 begin with the best present I could ever ask for. My best friend which is my uncle finally came home after 22 years of being incarcerated. My father left when I was 7 and my uncle step up to the plate behind bars to make sure I grew up with a father figure. I learned so many lessons from him that I still carried with me to this day. So happy I finally got my best friend back and I can see and talk to him whenever I want. Best feeling in the world


Valentine’s Day (left to right; Me, Joel, Annick)
Mother’s Day with Grandma



Vicky’s 30th Birthday


I remember the days when I used to go clubbing every weekend. My early 20’s was my best years. I had little to none responsibilities. As I started to get older, the club scene started to become boring. I might dabble in a club here and there for a birthday but now I’m all about cool chill events. One of my favorite events is Henny Palooza. It comes to New York about 2 to 3 times a year. $50 dollars for 6 hours open bar Hennessy! Who wouldn’t go? Listen to good music, vibe out to the great energy, and sip Henny till they run out.


Photoshoot at Prospect Park with Vicky
My mother graduated with her Bachelors at 49. I am so proud of her because she made the impossible possible.



Vicky, Me, Annick (left to right)


You ever get asked? What would the older self-tell the younger self? Whelp I’m looking at her, my cousin Troi. When I think to myself, what would the older Morningstar tell the 20 year older Troi? I get stuck because I am also growing myself but I can help give her advice that I wish someone would of gave me in my early 20’s. Every time I look at her I see my younger self and for some reason it’s so beautiful. To watch her evolved and see her make mistakes and sometimes learn from it. I wish I would have taken a second from living to step back and see how I evolved. For me it took turning 27 to look back and see how much I evolved. I’m so grateful to have this closed relationship with her and that she allows me to watch her grow and mature.

I’ve always been a huge supported of the LGBTQ community. Growing up with a southern, traditional and “religious” mother this was always looked down upon. I never understood it because my mother also taught me to love everybody equal no matter who they were. So that’s what I just did, love everybody no matter what skin color they were or what their sexual preference was. I remember my mother meeting my first gay friend in high school and she was super nice to him. That’s when I realize that maybe my mother had actually accepted the Gay community for who they were but then I realize that for her it was okay to for them to be gay but it wasn’t okay for her family. That to me really hurt because just when I thought she was evolving and changing with the time, she was still stuck. You ever heard the old saying “Can’t teach old dog new tricks?”

I always sit back and wonder if I grew up in her generation and surroundings would I have those same views? I’m happy I don’t because I couldn’t see myself looking down upon another human being for being themselves. We are all created equal and what would the world be if we all were the same? Boring as hell! Be who you want! Love who you want!


Nicky’s Wedding Reception. (left to right) Annick, Vicky, Taq, Me


Grits & Biscuits. What can I say? Nothing bad that’s for sure. This is another event that I attend two to three times a year.  Southern music, twerking, and a church fan to cool you down. For all my black church goers, you know what fan I’m talking about lol (laugh out loud). I love the vibes at Grits & Biscuits; girls are actually dancing and not caring about looking cute and snap chatting all night. That’s probably another reason I stop going to the club. Everybody is so concerned about their appearance and how many bottles they pop that they’re forgetting the concept of what clubbing is all about. I never cared about sweating my hair out, looking stupid or caring if my makeup is running down my face(which will never happen because I make sure that shit is set for the Gods).

At the end of the day I am there to have fun. So if the DJ is playing the right songs best believe I will be on that dance floor or section throwing that ass in a circle.


Troi and Me

(left to right) Annick, Me, and Troi



Vicky and Me


Growing up I never wanted to attend the New York Labor Day Parade. Every year somebody is always dying and I appreciated my life too much to just walk into a danger zone. But what is life if you don’t live? Right? So I put my fears aside, along with my bae at the time forcing me to go; and went to the parade. I have to say it was one of the best decisions I made. I had so much fun even though somebody did get injured. I do not regret my decision at all. I got to be in the parade, well I put myself in the parade but that is beside the point. The fact that I put my fears aside and live life made it so much enjoyable.


Henny Palooza – Coney Island Art Walls


I always dreamed of having a closed brother or sister growing up. Being the only child had its ups and down. I wanted to know what it felt like to have a niece or nephew. All I had was my cousins and little baby cousins to play with. I guess God was listening to me because on my 25th birthday I met my 2 brothers that my father had before he met my mother. I was excited but always hurt by the situation of how it happen but I let that go because it was years before I came in the picture and it’s between my mom and dad. Out of that blessing I got a beautiful niece that I never knew I would love so much. I didn’t really get that closed relationship with my father family like I did with my mother side of the family and I didn’t want to repeat that cycle. So I step up to the plate and I am making sure I give this little girl my all. So grateful for her and I can’t wait to see the beautiful young lady she becomes.

Every birthday to me is special because I get to see another year of life. I think a lot of us take it for granted or get so caught up in our own world that we don’t take a second to step back and be grateful that we are here, breathing, and healthy. That was my mindset turning 27. I didn’t do the whole club thing, popping bottles that could pay my rent by the way. I went to Atlanta and had a peaceful but yet fun birthday. Thanks to my friend, which who I like more than a friend, dammit it’s just complicated lol. Anyway thanks to him I enjoyed every moment. I got to shoot my very first gun which by the way people don’t go to the gun range tipsy; trust me when I say this. I went go karting and then of course hurt myself trying to get out the car. Accomplished a rope obstacle high up being the true dare devil that I am and play some video games that I suck ass in. I enjoyed the small things I did and loved that it wasn’t a flashy birthday. I would relive that weekend over and over again until I can’t any more.

Pole Dancing Class


Santa Land with my niece


As a kid growing up my mother would take me and my cousins to Santa Land every year for Christmas. It was always one of my best memories and I wanted to start that tradition again with my niece. Going back there just brought back old memories of me and cousins enjoying the trail to see Santa, the Mc Donald dates after and all us having a slumber party at my house. I’m so happy to share this tradition with her.


I’ve learned so much in 2017 and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in stored for me; just know I am ready and open for it. I hope you guys enjoyed my favorite moments of 2017 and I love to see what lessons you guys learned in 2017. Leave me a comment of something you learned in 2017 and how it change you for the better. Happy New Year!




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