NYC Pride Weekend 2017

I never got to post this but I wanted to share this with you guys before the year is over…

As some of you may know it is Pride Weekend here in NYC and I am a huge supporter of the LGBT community. Every year I always take part in the festivities but this year I may sit out only because I have a busy weekend with plans already. But who knows I am a very spontaneous person so I may end up in the Parade!

I created three looks for this weekend festivities. You guys are getting the exclusive because my plan is to reveal each look on Instagram starting Friday. I am so excited for these looks and I was happy to finally play with some more color because I always stick with nudes.

For look one(which I also film as well) I decided to do rainbow eyes. I first saw this on the amazing Nikki Tutorials ( Pride Tribute Rainbow Eyes ) and told myself you have to recreate this look. Here is the full video of the Tutorial if you was to achieve this look this weekend.


Author: skylarzoe

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