Brow Tutorial

Brows can be a difficult thing to accomplish especially when they’re really sparse. Brows are the same thing as getting that perfect wing liner, It takes practice. If I show you what my brows look like years ago you would look at me crazy. Over the years I’ve learned what products and technics work best for my brows. I decided to do a brow tutorial because I do get asked a lot about how I achieved them so perfectly.

I used the Black Radiance Perfecting Brow Pomade in Blackish Brown. Sometimes I will use the pomade to outline my brows and used Wet N Wild Brow Kit to fill them in. I’ve noticed that when I used power brow kits my brows start to become shiny because of my oily skin. I do recommend that if you have oily skin to use a pomade because it dries matte.

I hope this tutorial was helpful and very detail. Leave me a comment if you want to see more detail tutorials.



Author: skylarzoe

Youtuber|Beauty Blogger

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