Henny Palooza Vlog

I finally made my first Vlog and I have to say it’s not easy when alcohol is involved. I always tell myself I’m going to vlog but never do or record footage and never edit it.  I have to stop being lazy. At times I wish I had a photographer boyfriend to take all my pictures and videos. Enough of all the wishful thinking.

Anybody who really knows me, knows I love me some Henny Palooza. 6 hours of open bar Hennessy, good music, food, and great people makes Henny Palooza. What started as a small gather to now becoming one of the biggest events to date. I always enjoy myself everytimeI go. Don’t get me wrong I love to dress up from time to time but I enjoy being comfortable and dancing till my body is sore. I love that everyone comes out to dance and have a good time, never no drama.

Check out my Henny Palooza Vlog and make sure to Subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @Skylar_zoe


Author: skylarzoe

Youtuber|Beauty Blogger

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